x Ali x (lovelyblood666) wrote in too_glam,
x Ali x

Hey everyone I'm new to the community. I just wanted to know what everyone liked and stuff..what designers, hanbags, stuff like that. I'm in love with Dior, like they say J'adore Dior!

<3 Ali
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u r cool. me and you totally hjave the same taste in style. i love dior. i nave the jadore dior shirt, and the dior bag with the yallow green and red..
Sweet <3 I forgot I even belonged to this community! Lol. Add me <3
Gawd I feel really weird doing this, can I join? My names Janelle but everyone calls me Nel. I'd love to join because glam is my lifestyle.
There was no application so I just thought I'd post it here.
I'm new ,too.
I personally like louis vuitton,calvin klein,and marc jacobs.They're stuff is classic with a twist.